Jac Freeze

The Group

Blues band "Black N Blues" was the brainchild of guitarist Tad Freezeland who was looking for an opportunity to jam a couple times a month with his family and friends. That was in 2003. Who would've thought this little garage band would grow, blossom, and mature into a touring band that conquers upwards of 100 shows per year?

In 2005, Black N Blues decided to hire front woman Jackie Freezeland (Jackie Lawson at the time), and fade from blues music to 80's rock. The name was adjusted from "Black N Blues" to "Black N Blue." Jackie agreed to join BNB singing rock on the condition that Tad and his boys would back her up for her Country music shows, which was her real passion. And so they created BNB's alter-ego band "Jackie Lawson & Her Hillbilly Rockstars." BNB continued to play dance rock in local bars, while JLHR built a reputation in country music playing fairs, festivals, dance halls, and opening for the likes of Sugarland, Craig Morgan, Josh Gracin, Buddy Jewel, Bomshel, Danielle Peck, Shenandoah, & Restless Heart.

It wasn't long before the band members figured out that BNB fans liked a little country in their rock, and JLHR fans were craving a little rock in their country. Pretty soon the two set lists were starting to look the same. Like Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels, they were just meant to be together. It was only a matter of time before someone figured out the perfect blend. When Tad and Jackie were married in 2013, plans were made to make the BNB/JLHR merger more official. Goodbye, Black N Blue. So long, Hillbilly Rockstars.

Hello, Jac Freeze!

Jac Freeze is well known for their professionalism and strive to be the best bang for your buck!  Currently Jac Freeze is ready to rock your next event!  We play mostly modern country, rock , and originals.  We have recently recorded our second album Worth the wait and are currently touring as well as performing locally.  Watch the website for further updates.

UPDATE - 07-16-2018 Worth the wait is getting some air time in Nashville!  Super excited at the possibilities!  We are also looking into producing a video of the song "Bring him home." 

Jackie Freezeland - Vocals

Jackie was born Jaclyn Elizabeth Shute on January 10, 1982 in Conroe, TX. Raised in Charleston, IL, she graduated from Charleston High School in 2000. Jackie started singing in church in 1997, but it was her experience in Argentina as an exchange student in 1998-1999 that really put singing in her heart. When Jackie moved to Benito Juarez, Argentina as a Junior in high school, the language barrier was a major challenge to overcome.  As it turned out, music transcended all languages. When locals found out Jackie could sing, she was approached by children and adults alike and to belt out a sample of their favorite American tunes. Jackie witnessed firsthand how a beautiful melody can touch hearts in any language.

Back in the States, Jackie got busy. She started singing in church and karaoke contests, she joined the Illinois Country Music Association, and even auditioned for American Idol. As her experience grew, she became a regular face at Nashville North in Taylorville, IL and local opry houses all over central Illinois. Soon she joined the Country Music Association, NSAI, and started winning awards from the ICMA. She also worked on honing her song-writing skills.

In 2005, Jackie was asked to audition for local rock band Black N Blues by founding member Tad Freezeland. They already had a good reputation as a blues band, but their plan was to drop the "s" and morph into an 80's dance rock band. Subsequently, she was offered a job as lead vocalist. Jackie agreed to sing rock for BNB on the condition that BNB would learn some country tunes and back her up when the summer festivals came around. And so the deal was made. Jackie began singing rock for BNB, and the band created an alter-ego band called Jackie Lawson & Her Hillbilly Rockstars that would perform country music at local fairs, festivals, and country dance halls.

In 2006, JLHR made its debut appearance at a local contest in Terre Haute, called the Colgate Country Showdown… and won! It was an exciting moment for all the band members, and especially Jackie. She knew she had found the right musicians to express her musical passion. From there, the band continued to grow, tour, and write music. 

In 2007, Jackie released her solo album "Crazy Blonde," and was welcomed by local media to meet and perform on TV and radio. The CD was recorded in Nashville, taking advantage of some of the biggest recording talent in Nashville. The album contains four tracks written by Jackie and six others.  Jackie and Tad have written and recorded their followup album "worth the wait".  

Jackie continued writing with guitarist Tad Freezeland, and they began performing local acoustic shows to supplement the band schedule. Even now, you can catch a Freezeland acoustic show at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN, and at local wineries, coffee shops, restaurants, and clubs. Jackie says she really enjoys the acoustic sets, because they are much quieter and more intimate. You really get a front-row seat to the chemistry that makes Tad & Jackie such a dynamic couple offstage and you see it blossom into their onstage musical chemistry. You also get to see a much wider variety of music than you see at the band shows, since the duo has unlimited opportunity to practice new material.

Tad and Jackie continue to write, and Jac Freeze has completed their 2nd album "worth the wait" and are currently booking full band shows as Jac Freeze.

Tad Freezeland - Guitar

I began playing guitar when I was 6 or 7.  My dad saw me tinkering around on his acoustic guitar and showed me how to play “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” which was pretty much the “Stairway to Heaven” of that time.  Since then I have been hooked. My mother has sung in country bands for years and my dad plays bass, so I get it honestly. When I was 9 or 10 my parents signed me up for drum lessons which I took for 2 and 1/2 years.  I currently own a drum set and still really enjoy drumming, but guitar has always been my passion. As a teenager I preferred to rock out to Metallica, KISS, and other metal bands. My dad, however, was notorious for dragging me out to play guitar at every Opry House in central Illinois, long stringy hair and all.  That really developed my love for older county music, and somewhere in there I found a way to morph the two sounds together. 

In high school I played in many garage bands and even toured regionally with a local  metal band just after graduation.  I have been in many many local bands since then, playing rhythm guitar, lead guitar, guitar synth, bass, drums, and running sound. I was a founding member of the Hillbilly Rockstars and Black N Blue, playing lead guitar in both bands for the past decade or so. Now I’m proud to be a part of JAC FREEZE. I really enjoy the company of my fellow band members; they are truly talented individuals who I consider family. (Of course, now that Jackie and I are married I guess she technically IS family, but you get my point.) 

Offstage, I also enjoy writing and recording music. I primarily use Mesa Boogie amps, RS and Suhr guitars, and old-school stomp boxes.  There’s nothing like real tube amps and real tube tone.  These 6 strings have taken me all over the United States to many amazing venues.  I have met, worked with, and recorded with hundreds of other extremely talented artists, and I am very blessed to be able to do what I do.

Aaron Walk - Bass guitar and vocals

Matt Warren - Drums